Fanatism from Stockholm, Sweden are part of the same collective that spawned the psych improv bunch Kungens Män. Fanatism started out in 2013 after Switch Opens, the previous progressive heavy rock band of guitarist Tomas Bergstrand and bassist/guitarist Mikael Tuominen, was put to rest. They wanted to do something more primitive, straight forward and psychedelic and soon recruited the synth player Peter Erikson and the jazzy drummer Jonas Yrlid. Towards the end of the recording sessions for the album free jazz player Gustav Nygren added tenor saxophone on a few tracks, and soon joined the band also as an additional guitar player.

You will meet Fanatism somewhere on the crossroads between Stooges Street, Can Road and Morricone Avenue. “The Future Past” on Drone Rock Records is their debut album.

  1. Multiple Greens DDT 3:02