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To coincide with the release of ‘Inverted Evolution’, the new album by Fanatism, Drone Rock Records is proud to announce a long-overdue repress of the band’s debut album, ‘The Future Past’. This is what I had to say about the record at the time:-

For the 18th release on Drone Rock Records we return to Sweden for something very special indeed….  ‘The Future Past’, the deubt album by Fantatism. These guys are acutually an offshoot of the superb Kungens Man who have made some of my favourite modern psych albums of the last few years. So, when they contacted me out of the blue about the possibilty of releasing this record, I just had to say yes straight away. This record has a bit of everything…70’s prog, free-jazz, heavy rock, psychedelic improv….it’s all here. And, once again, the tracks have been given the mastering treatment from Mr John McBain.

“It’s hard to put my finger on exactly why I like this Fanatism album so much. This is because it is made up of such an eclectic set of of tracks that seem to range from jazz to post-punk, and many points beyond and between. What brings them together is sense of power and purpose that really drives these songs forward.”

Psych Insight

“The variety contained within makes it a real smorgasbord of delights…the way it trips from motorik based krautrock to more pastoral psych and finishing with some retro synth sounds is truly wonderful and goes to make this an album of many dimensions… a trait that is sadly missing in so much music these days”

Dayz Of Purple & Orange


This second pressing of ‘The Future Past’ is a run of 250 copies, pressed on red vinyl with black splatter effects and has an inverted cover art colour scheme to the original pressing. The album comes with an instant digital download when purchased via the DRR website.

Fanatism vinyl bundle:

There is also a limited number of 50 discounted vinyl bundles of both this and the special edition of ‘Inverted Evolution’, the new album from Fanatism. These can be ordered via the ‘Inverted Evolution’ product page here.

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Fanatism from Stockholm, Sweden are part of the same collective that spawned the psych improv bunch Kungens Män, but musically it is a different beast. You will meet Fanatism somewhere on the crossroads between Stooges Street, Can Road, Sabbath Blvd and Morricone Avenue. You are in classic rock territory with a psychedelic twist.


Fanatism started out in 2013 after Tomas Bergstrand (guitar, vocals) and Mikael Tuominen (bass, vocals) decided to continue making music together after their old band Switch Opens disbanded after 13 years. Soon they were joined by synth wizard Peter Erikson and drummer Jonas Yrlid, and a few years later Gustav Nygren sharpened the edge with his guitar and saxophone.


After a couple of recordings under a different name and some sporadic gigging, they finally released the debut album “The Future Past” on Drone Rock Records (UK) in 2018. This is what Echoes and Dust said of the record:

“If you have any inclination towards mind-bending music then this album must certainly lie at the top of your wishlist. Not content with taking you on a trip, Fanatism also want to turn your mind inside out whilst doing so. Throw in a hefty dose of ecstatic reverie and you have an album which sounds nothing quite like what you may have heard before. There are ghosts of familiar sounds, but made while through the mindset of these musicians, it sounds like nothing you have heard before. It’s been a strong year for psych music in general, but nothing has come close to the originality of this album. A remarkable achievement.”


The time has come for the next treat – “Inverted Evolution”. Once again released by Drone Rock Records, this time around in collaboration with Centripetal Force (US). While the first album had some loose ends, this is a more structured and disciplined affair – but still in a mind bending way. Every song on the album has a strong identity and celebrates the almost forgotten art of making eclectic albums where every song fills a different function – or you could also call the album a house of mirrors in which the listener can get lost

Tomas Bergstrand – Guitar, Vocals | Peter Erikson – Synthesizers | Gustav Nygren – Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals | Mikael Tuominen – Bass, Vocals | Jonas Yrlid – Drums