The Hologram People

The Hologram People is:-

Jonathan Parkes (AKA Dreamlord) -guitar/bass/synth/organ/drums/percussion

Dom Keen (AKA Kosmische) – guitar/bass/synth/keys/organ

For the recording of the ‘Sacred Ritual To Unlock the Mountain Portal’ album they were joined by Manon Beuchot (vocals on ‘Étoil Voyageuse’), Hattie Cooke (vocals on ‘Sun Breaks On Saturn’s Return’) and Jimmy Riddle (lead Gibson SG guitar on ‘Sacred Ritual To Unlock The Sacred Mountain Portal’)





  1. Destruktiv Fritid Domboshawa 7:21
  2. Rymdpuls Domboshawa 4:37
  3. Saturdaze Domboshawa 7:18