Ozo is made up of ex and current members of Bong, Ballpeen, Vanishing, 11Paranoias, Drunk In Hell, Lush Worker and Blown Out.

Karl D’Silva – Alto Sax

Graham Thompson – Drums

Mike Vest – Bass, Guitars and Electric Saz

 ‘OZO are deep, and by deep we mean hitting straight into the heart of the Sun Ra psychedelic explosion’

Echoes and Dust

‘Saturn presents a vision of psychedelic and space rocking extremity rarely honed to such a degree’

The Obelisk

‘a really great record which avoids the many pitfalls of jazz/rock crossbreeding while not coming off like OZO had to try hard to manage this’

The Quietus





  1. Destruktiv Fritid Domboshawa 7:21
  2. Rymdpuls Domboshawa 4:37
  3. Saturdaze Domboshawa 7:18