Kombynat Robotron

Kombynat Robotron is a four-piece, heavy freak-out, Krautrock Band hailing from Kiel, Germany. All four band members play in other bands and met for a jam in April 2018. After that they decided to form a band but to just keep on jamming instead of writing songs. In June of that year the band recorded several sessions that were released under the names Modul 12 and Modul 13 on tape and via Bandcamp. Their ‘Robotronic’ music features a wide range of influences due to the different sonic backgrounds of the band members; Krautrock-grooves that smoothly evolve from outer-space spheres into psychedelic and stoner-rock vibes and back to Krautrock. Kombynat Robotron have been part of the Tonzonen Records family since August 2018, but have also released material on Cruel Nature Records, Weird Beard, Little Cloud Records and Acid Test Recordings. They released the first volume of their ‘Dickfehler Studio Treffen’ (Studio Sessions) series on Drone Rock Records in the summer of 2020 with the follow up expected in late summer 2022.

Kombynat Robotron is:

Jannes Ihnen – Guitar/Synthesizer

Claas Ogorek – Bass

Richard Schröder – Guitar

Thomas Handschick – Drums/Percussion






  1. Destruktiv Fritid Domboshawa 7:21