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  1. Das Motorik Sex Blender 5:50
  2. 02 Primal Civilizations 10:11
  3. Azores Domboshawa 8:18
  4. 02 - Stereo Individuals 6:25
  5. När man allting sett Fanatism 7:31
  6. 01 - Martillo 11:02
  7. From Nothing to Eternity CB3 12:48
  8. Sunwashed Caudal 3:30
  9. Freedom 45! GNOB 5:54
  10. Field Trip Stupid Cosmonaut 6:29
  11. The Water Has No Darkness Stereocilia 3:42
  12. Saturdaze Domboshawa 7:18
  13. Godshaker The Space Spectrum 5:41
  14. Passing Between Dancing Giants Stupid Cosmonaut 7:09
  15. OutsideOfInTime Earthling Society 12:31
  16. Shivers Kill West 4:43
  17. Lupine Wavelength Dead Sea Apes 8:59
  18. Horizon Psychic Lemon 10:16
  19. Inner Voice The Space Spectrum 11:06
  20. 02. Freedom Ride 4:39