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Release number 17 sees Drone Rock Records return to South America with ‘Templos’ by Culto Al Qondor from Lima, Peru. These guys are seasoned Psych pioneers, hailing from two of Lima’s most popular bands (La Ira de Dios and Serpentina Satellite) and from the very first listen of ‘Templos’ you can just tell they love jamming together. ‘Templos’ is a perfect mix of their musical influences (the likes of Neu! and Hawkwind) and their Peruvian Psych roots. When I first heard this album I just knew it had to be given the Drone Rock vinyl treatment. There is no “special edition” as such for this release, I’ve chosen instead to go all out with the one variant….clear vinyl with silver “blob” effect AND black splatters. With John McBain at the helm for mastering duties this record is going to sound as awesome as it looks, just as these reviews can concur:-

“As deep space exploration without a hand break (or one senses reliable navigation) goes then I’m happy to make do with this. Play, repeat, and then do it some more.  This will take some scraping off the turntable.”


“‘Templos’ is a simply wonderful which has everything that a lover of all things psych will appreciate….gloriously psychedelic guitar, intense drones and strong, repetitive rhythms…and all done with a panache and an earthy charisma. It does what all good psychedelic records do and that is to transport the listener somewhere else…out of the humdrum drudgery of everyday life and into lands unexplored and untainted by human hand; it is an almost transcendental experience.”

Dayz of Purple and Orange

“we had to wait 14 years to listen to the animal sound that is Qondor , 14 years summarized in a beautifully made album that will remain as one of the most acid jobs in the history of Peruvian psychedelia.”

Doomed & Stoned

“With ‘Templos’, Culto al Qondor have produced a dark and brooding epic of four roughly even ten minute plus tracks which seem to explore the inner recesses of the mind. Collectively these four numbers provide a soundtrack that is replete with reverb and shadowy riffs that are offset by moments of clarity which bring us up for air before plunging us down again into the bass trembling depths reflective of a world in chaos.”

Psych Insight

Templos will be a super limited run of 250 copies all on clear vinyl with silver ‘colour-in-colour’ (blob) effect and black spatters. All orders purchased through the Drone Rock Records website will get the chance to download the album in either MP3 or FLAC format.


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  1. Martillo Culto Al Qondor 11:02

Culto Al Qondor

In early 2003, four friends from Lima, Peru, formed Qondor  as an excuse to get high as hell and jam some tunes under a heavy influence of bands like Ash Ra Tempel, Neu! and Hawkwind. They never took it too serious, but then a couple of local labels asked them to be part of some compilations. And with that came the opportunity to play live. Around mid 2005 two things happened to them. First, they split to focus on their main bands (two of them were members of La Ira de Dios and the other two were members of Serpentina Satelite, two of the more popular and celebreted psych bands from Lima) and second…nothing happened.

In january 2017, the guys from Necio Records asked them for a reunion show in a festival (Undercaos Festival) in Lima. This time as a trio and change of name to Culto al Qondor. They started to jam again and the chemestry was still there, so they decided to record for real this time. On September 2nd they set up everything at the bassplayer’s bar and recorded the album in 3 hours and mixed it in an hour and half. It’s raw, it’s cosmic and it’s dark…as Space.

Culto al Qondor is Dolmo on guitars and delays, Aldo Castillejos on drums and loops (both from Serpentina Satelite) and Chino Burga on bass and drones (La Ira de Dios and 3AM). Peru has a long tradition in psychedelic music (since the 60’s) and this is a clear example of the peruvian psychedelic sound of the new millenium. More delay, more rock! Drone on!!!