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  • Pre-Order Now Open

    Self-titled debut LP by Brighton’s Yetti

    Heavy stoner-rock for fans of Loop and The Heads

    150 copies on clear vinyl with yellow splatter effect

    100 copies on clear vinyl

    Records due back mid September

    Generic Phentermine Buy Online

    Buy Genuine Phentermine, Buy Generic Phentermine 37.5

  • Yetti

    Yetti are a 4 piece heavy-psych band formed from a mutual love of The Heads, Earth & Loop.

    They focus on minimal compositions – recycled sabbath riffs & trance-like rhythms, that build to a foggy, self-induced sonic daze.

    Based in Brighton, they’ve racked up an impressive amount of support slots with the likes of

    Here Lies Man, The Cosmic Dead, Pigsx7, Dead Meadow, Endless Boogie & as part of Damo Suzuki’s improv band, with EDA of The Boredoms.

    The album was recorded live in two sessions, one with Wayne Adams (Petbrick/Death Pedals) at Bear Bites Horse, and another with Dominique James at 123 Studios in Peckham.

    Dan Joyce – Drums

    Bob Neely – Guitar

    Ian Humes – Guitar

    Mark Adams – Bass/Vocals

  1. Das Motorik Sex Blender 5:50
  2. 02 Primal Civilizations 10:11
  3. Azores Domboshawa 8:18
  4. 02 - Stereo Individuals 6:25
  5. När man allting sett Fanatism 7:31
  6. 01 - Martillo 11:02
  7. From Nothing to Eternity CB3 12:48
  8. Sunwashed Caudal 3:30
  9. Freedom 45! GNOB 5:54
  10. Field Trip Stupid Cosmonaut 6:29
  11. The Water Has No Darkness Stereocilia 3:42
  12. Saturdaze Domboshawa 7:18
  13. Godshaker The Space Spectrum 5:41
  14. Passing Between Dancing Giants Stupid Cosmonaut 7:09
  15. OutsideOfInTime Earthling Society 12:31
  16. Shivers Kill West 4:43
  17. Lupine Wavelength Dead Sea Apes 8:59
  18. Horizon Psychic Lemon 10:16
  19. Inner Voice The Space Spectrum 11:06
  20. 02. Freedom Ride 4:39