MienakunaruLost Bones of the Holy Butterfly

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Mike Vest and Junzo Suzuki are two of the hardest working musicians in the modern psych scene. It’s  a tough debate to which is longer… one of their impressive guitar freak-outs or the list of the bands they have both featured in. To say that I was excited upon hearing about this collaboration is a massive understatement, and this album delivers big time. Having  been blown away by Junzo’s  team-up with with Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska (one of my favourite albums of 2019) and, having worked with Mike on ‘Pluto’, his recent album with Ozo, it was obvious these guys could make impressive sounds together. Add in the pounding drums of Dave Sneddon and this awesome psychedelic alliance is complete. As Mike himself said in a recent interview;” I always wanted to make music with Junzo and Sned and it came together pretty easy. Everyone is good with production and being able to record well from home. The musicianship is top quality and it didn’t take long to all come together.”

Having been released digitally at the end of 2020 the album has already gained a great deal of positive feedback:-


“…sometimes the guitars stretch out to reach to the heavens as the bass trawls the depths and often the sheer power of the sound simply floors you. It would easy to lose yourself in this, but don’t imagine you will emerge without some bruising.”


“…a ripping heavy psychedelic rocker that freaks-out with impeccable style. The fuzz heavy guitars solo and feedback blasting out heavy psych vibes all the way.”

The Psych Rock

“…focused on dazzling psychedelic guitar music. The album is a trip filled with continuously echoing and improvised solos dressed up in hard rock riffs.”

Merchants of Air

“Thunderous, dramatic and otherworldly, Mienakunaru’s dense psychscapes are something to behold; substantially heavier than the standard crop of stoner-psych, this is denser and more esoteric, intended for the more experienced listener. “

Zero Tolerance

‘Lost Bones of the Holy Butterfly’ will be a limited pressing of 300 copies, available in two variants (both versions come with an instant digital download when purchased through the DRR website):-

Special edition:

200 copies on green/black swirl vinyl which comes with an A6 sized sticker. This version is only available via the DRR website and the band themselves.

Regular edition:

100 copies on transparent green vinyl. This version is mainly for shops and distro but some copies will be also be available via the DRR website and the band.

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special edition, regular edition


Power trio of psychedelic noise rock and space punk.

Mike Vest – Bass and Guitar (11Paranoias, BONG, Melting Hand, Drunk In Hell, OZO)

Dave Sneddon – Drums (Gruel, Fuck Em All Stars, Bad Ra)

Junzo Suzuki – Guitar (20 Guilders, Miminokoto, Astral Traveling Unity, Plunk’s Plan Label)




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