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So, we have reached the last release of 2023 and, to celebrate, I have joined forces with two other micro-labels to bring you a slab of vinyl recorded by not just one, but two esteemed artists familiar to Drone Rock Records regulars; Los Tábanos Experience from Chile and Domboshawa from Sweden. This split 12″ vinyl LP features a selection of first-time-on-vinyl tracks which showcases the breadth and depth of both bands and their different interpretations of space-rock, improv, Krautrock, stoner and psychedelic-rock. In an effort to reduce postage costs and hidden Brexit charges this record is co-released by Drone Rock and two other passionate and like-minded labels; Echodelick Records in the U.S. and Clostridium Records in mainland Europe. So if you’re a regular DRR customer outside of the U.K it would definitely be worth your while heading over to their respective websites to save yourself a little bit of cash which would certainly not go amiss in these tough times. What this does mean though is that only a third of the pressing will be available through the DRR website, just 80 copies, so don’t hang around on this one.


The Los Tábanos Experience/Dombosawa split 12″ vinyl LP is a super limited run of 250 copies pressed on yellow/gold recycled eco-vinyl* and with a printed obi strip.  All orders placed via the DRR website come with an instant digital download of the album.


* As with all eco/recycled pressings, please be aware that the exact colour can vary from record to record.


  1. Grey Skies Los Tabanos Experience 3:41
  2. Rymdpuls Domboshawa 4:37

Los Tabanos Experience

Los Tábanos  Experience (LTX) is a collective of musical improvisers composed of members from various diverse bands in Chile. They share the love of cannabis inspiration and the concerns relating to space, nature and transcendence of human existence.

The music of Los Tábanos Experience walks between space rock, heavy psychedelia and improvised jams.

In January 2019 the band released their debut vinyl LP, ‘Atlantis Mirage’, which was recorded totally improvised, and seeks to evoke visions of the underwater world and its mysteries. The vinyl version was released on Drone Rock Records. In October of the same year the band released the follow up LP, ‘Rise of the Melted Eagle’ a double vinyl LP, again on Drone Rock Records. The band have since gone on to record and release 3 more albums digitally via their Bandcamp page:-

A split 12″ vinyl LP with Domboshawa from Sweden will be co-released by Echodelick Records (U.S.), Clostridium Records (Europe) and Drone Rock Records (U.K.).
The band ‘s current line up is:-
Daniela Defilipi – Vocals, Minilogue
Francisco Fernández – Guitars
Gabriel Zabala – Guitars, Sitar
Carlos González Lihn – Guitars, Feedback
Jimmi Leighton – Bass
Kurt Heyer – Drums


Domboshawa is the psychedelic solo project of multi-instrumentalist Anders Broström from Stockholm, Sweden. After the breakup of the hardrock/psych band Amaxa in 2015, Anders built a small studio in Hägersten and started to record drones and jams. His main goal was, and still is, to record very psychedelic music. He named the project Domboshawa after an inspiring hike on the magic mountain Domboshawa in Harare, Zimbabwe.

His first album Dark Lights was released on cassette on the Swedish label Ljudkassett! in October 2016.

In 2017 he released his first vinyl LP on Drone Rock Records titled ‘Minds Electrix’ . He followed that up with two digital releases, ‘Vibrations’ and ‘Beyond Zero’ which were released together on DRR as the double vinyl album, ‘Beyond Vibrations’. Since then Domboshawa has gone on work with Drone Rock Records on the vinyl releases of his albums ‘Fyra’, ‘Mountain View’ and ‘Efterglans’.

In 2019 Domboshawa joined up with members of Fanatism, Kungens Män and CB3 to form Swedish, psychedelic ‘supergroup’ Svenska Psykvänner who went on to record the albums ‘The Hägersten Sessions’ and ‘Bojda Toner’, both released on vinyl through Drone Rock Records.

Now Drone Rock Records along with Echodelick Records (U.S.) and Clostridium Records (E.U.) are due to release a split 12″ vinyl LP featuring Domboshawa and Los Tabanos Experience.

Anders plays guitar, bass, drums and synthesizers.