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As the label keeps rolling along I am finding that I am ticking off more and more things from the wish list that I drew up when I first started it. Putting out a release by Eat Lights;Become Lights was certainly something I hoped would happen someday and now that day has come. Tick! I have been an avid fan of the band since their debut LP, ‘Autopia’ came out back in 2011. This wonderful album hinted at the motorik/Kosmiche bliss that was to follow on their next five studio albums. But it was their live performances that I was particularly drawn to and I have been fortunate to witness the band play live on several occasions in London and in Brighton. I now find myself in the privileged position of being able to share with you an excellent example of their live prowess, a show recorded at the Windmill in Brixton back in 2013 as part of the Northern Star Records Weekender. Featuring five epic tracks from their aforementioned debut LP and the follow-up, ‘Heavy Electrics’, this live album captures the band in top form at full throttle.

‘Live’ will be released in two variants:-

Special edition:

200 copies on transparent purple vinyl with heavy white splatter effects.

Regular edition:

100 copies on pink vinyl.


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special edition, regular edition

  1. Test Drive Eat Lights Become Lights 6:48

Eat Lights ; Become Lights

Formed in London in the winter of 2007 by Neil Branquinho.

Neil is responsible for all the writing and recording of ELBL music and is joined for live performances by members of the Eat lights collective, a constantly shifting tableau of gifted musicians.

ELBL have a deep love of classic German electronic acts of the 1970s, evoking classic kosmische bands, Neu!, Kraftwerk and Can but making the sound very much their own, creating an ever-changing synaesthetic landscape of harmony and melody, feedback & drones, played against a driving motorik beat.

Gigging heavily since their conception, ELBL have steadily built up a reputation as a formidable live act, and the band have played numerous high-profile shows, including a sold-out tour with New York electronic pioneers Silver Apples, headlining the Liverpool International Psych-Fest as well as being championed by Stuart Maconie on 6 Music’s Freak Zone. The late, great music legend Andy Weatherall (Primal Scream, Sabres of Paradise) was big fan of the band, dj-ing at a number of their record launches.

The band continue to record and are currently in the studio working on their 6th studio LP for release sometime in 2020.