The AliensLive On The Moon

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The 33rd on Drone Rock Records is something of a major surprise and rather a big deal (well, to me anyway!). As a massive fan of The Aliens, it was amazing to see some activity on their social media channels a few months ago after years of silence. I approached them more in the hope of finding out what they had planned than the possibility of actually working with them. One thing led to another and the end result was this…a vinyl release of a phenomenal live recording entitled ‘Live On the Moon”

The Aliens descended from the ashes of the acclaimed Beta Band in the mid-noughties with a fresh dose of electronic psychedelic rock combined with a multitude of other genres. Immediately signed to EMI their debut album made the UK top-50 before the bottom fell out of the industry in the wake of the digital piracy tidal wave. The Aliens managed to release a second album before vanishing off the face of the Earth completely… until now.

As a prelude to their return in 2020 The Aliens have beamed down a live recording from the archives taken from a show on a secret Moonbase. The Aliens – Live on the Moon is presented as a special, limited edition (300 copies) double LP by Drone Rock Records¬†with the first disc pressed on ‘Blue Moon’ transparent blue vinyl and the second disc on ‘ Full Moon’ transparent yellow vinyl:-

‘Live on the Moon’ is performed by:-

Gordon Anderson – Vocals / Guitar

John Maclean – Keys

Robin Jones – Drums

Jed Milroy – Guitar

Jamie Dargie – Bass


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  1. Setting Sun The Aliens 4:29

The Aliens

Gordon Anderson, AKA Lone Pigeon, ¬†reconnected with former Beta Band bandmates John Maclean and Robin Jones to form The Aliens. Landing in the Noughties they were signed to EMI and hit the charts and Hollywood with a sync on hustler film ’21’. Their albums ‘Astronomy For Dogs’ and ‘Luna’ were hailed for treading through psychedelic rock, electronica and folk. After retreating to a far corner of the Universe for a decade long hiatus, The Aliens will mark their return in 2020 and create the soundtrack to full disclosure of alien intelligence on Earth.