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Sex BlenderHormonizer

12" Vinyl LP


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It’s a pleasure to welcome Ukraine’s Sex Blender to the ever-growing roster of acts to feature on Drone Rock Records. The band approached me towards the end of last year asking whether I’d be interested in releasing their debut album on vinyl and, after listening to the tracks for the first time, it didn’t take long for me to reply with a resounding YES! The four tracks on this album tick so many boxes blending elements of motorik, spacerock, stoner rock and Krautrock to create a fantastic modern psych classic.

“Another tour de force from Drone Rock Records, who continue their circumnavigation of the psych world with this epic album from Ukraine’s Sex Blender. Four monoliths of guitar-fronted power, each having its own character and drawing from a heady palette of influences that come together to create an experience that is, beyond anything else, seismic.”

Psych Insight Music

Super limited pressing of 250 records available in two variants:-

Special Edition

150 copies pressed on psychedelic-blend coloured vinyl

Phentermine 37.5 Cheapest Online

Regular Edition

100 copies pressed on clear vinyl

Where Can I Buy Phentermine Cheap Online

‘Hormonizer’ by Sex Blender proved to be one of the fastest selling records on Drone Rock Records. And, due to demand from both regular and new customers alike, (as well as from shops and distributors), I am happy to announce a 2nd pressing of 250 copies of this fantastic debut album on neon pink vinyl:-

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Records purchased through the Drone Rock Records website come with an instant download.

Additional information

Weight N/A

special edition, regular edition, 2nd pressing

  1. Das Motorik Sex Blender 5:50

Sex Blender

The story begins in early april 2017 after a garage jam session in L’viv, Ukraine. With Andy Sumer’s on guitar, Rostyslav Garbar on bass and Atanas Bro on drums the band manage to capture a blend of classic ’70’s and modern psych. They create 4 epic compositions which include a vibrant mix of motoric, drone, blues, oriental, dub, post rock, metal and classic rock. During the rehearsals of “Hormonizer” Yurko Savchuk joined the band on rhythm guitar. Once the band were ready to record they retreated to Atanas’ country house (Galician Comfort Studio) in August’17. After two amazing weeks the recording process was finished.

On 20th of April 2018 “Hormonizer” was released digitally. Supporting the album release Sex Blender have toured with welsh stoners Dope Smoker in Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany and Ukraine with festival appearances at Electric Meadow (UA) and Psychedelicious Fest (RO). The band are now preparing to tour Europe again to coincide with the release of Hormonizer on vinyl and are also booked for a couple of European summer festivals in 2019 (to be announced soon).

Sex Blender are:

Atanas Bro – drums, percussion, monotribe
Rostyslav Garbar – bass
Yurko Savchuk – guitar
Orest Dragush – guitar

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“These tripped-out Ukrainians have put sex in a blender, and it sounds way less painful than you’d imagine. In fact, it’s super cool and colourful. After just under 14 minutes of freaky bluesiness and tasty psychedelic hoodoo, we were singing its praises and wishing we had ‘Sex Blender’ T-shirts (with the snazzy artwork from new digital album Hormonizer, from which this is taken).”​

Can You Buy Phentermine At Cvs

“What an extraordinary debut album coming from the Ukrainian Sex Blender! “Hormonizer” fascinatingly blends psychedelic rock with blues and stoner rock, carefully driven by a krautrock atmosphere, even with space for some drone inputs. Totally worth your time.”

Buy Phentermine Ebay

“Their music is instrumentally based, laden with heavy amounts of psychedelia and space rock, both of which resonate with enticing garnishes that one could attribute to krautrock. It is served in a most fluid state, chilled but with just the right amount of blues in an almost improve-like sonic decanter…”​

Social media:

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  1. Multiple Greens DDT 3:02