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For the 10th release on Drone Rock Records, we see the very welcome return of those German Psychonauts, The Space Spectrum, with their album, “Drone Jams Vol II”. As the title clearly suggests, this is the excellent follow up to “Drone Jams Vol I” which was the 2nd record that I put out back at the end of 2015 and which went down a storm with both customers and critics alike. Though the 4 tracks on the album were recorded 2 and 1/2 years ago in January 2015, they have a timeless quality with the songs sounding just as fresh and original now as they did then. The help the band received from “How To Make Sushi Recordings” in the rehearsal rooms and the mixing skills of  “No Plans For Any Future Recordings” have only added to the to quality of these recordings. As the band themselves said of the recording sessions for this record, “This week back in January 2015 was probably the best time The Space Spectrum ever had in this music life and will always be in our heads and hearts”. For anyone that loved the first volume of Drone Jams, this really is a treat of record and sees the band develop their knack for classic kosmiche space-jams.

Limited to 300 copies, Drone Jams Vol II comes in two versions (with 30 of each version going directly to the band):-

Special splattered-vinyl edition

150 copies on clear vinyl with red, orange and blue splatter effects. These special editions will, as is always the way with Drone Rock releases, be offered first to previous customers and mailing-list subscribers.

Ruby Red vinyl edition

150 copies on Ruby Red solid coloured-vinyl.

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  1. Godshaker The Space Spectrum 5:41

The Space Spectrum

The Space Spectrum are a Kraut/Psych/Drone/Spacerock-Collective from Rendsburg, Germany. They started off as the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Nico Seel back in 2011 but, after a few Bandcamp releases, he decided to get more people on board to add more atmospheric sounds and to form a full band. After several line-up changes The Space Spectrum were approached by the well regarded Greek label, Cosmic Eye Records, to record their debut vinyl release, “The Red Eyed Queen”. Renowned psych music blog, The Active Listener, described it as “…a pretty special piece of music which never fails to sound entirely modern, dragging the likes of Faust and Amon Düül kicking and screaming into the present.” 

Following the release of this record they played shows with the likes of Follakzoid and kindred spirits The Cosmic Dead as well as appearing at the Berlin Psych Festival. They also went on to self produce and record their second album, “In Search Of Drone”, which is available on their Bandcamp page . This era of the band was mainly as a 3 piece with Nico being joined by cousin Nils on bass and drone effects along with regular drummer, Kevin Klein. They have since expanded to the current 4-man line-up with the addition of Florian on synthesizer.

The Space Spectrum released ‘Drone Jams Volume I’ on vinyl in 2015 and their follow up vinyl album, ‘Drone Jams Volume II’ in 2017, both on Drone Rock Records. The reissue of their debut vinyl album, ‘The Red Eyed Queen’ is to be released on DRR in late summer 2021.

Florian Bödeker – Synthesizer
Nico Seel – Guitar
Nils Seel – Bass
Kevin Klein – Drums