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Rather unbelievably, it has been four years since the last Stereocilia vinyl offering (2019’s ‘The Silence That Follows’) so this belated follow-up marks a welcome return to Drone Rock Records. For those not in know, Stereocilia (AKA Bristol based multi-instrumentalist John Scott), specialises in creating psychedelic cinematic soundscapes through the use of guitars, analogue synths, looping techniques and an array of effects pedals. It is a powerful combination which culminates in a wondrous and rather beautiful aural experience. So much so in fact, that it was one of his tracks that I chose to open the recent Drone Rock Records 50th release compilation album, ‘Sounds From The Psychedelic Underground’.

Here’s what John had to say about the album:

“2023 marks 10 years since I started playing as Stereocilia, it’s been quite a journey since my first album, ‘Murmurations’. My main goal when I started writing this album was to push further away from a traditional guitar sound, processing my guitar more heavily than I have done in the past. Around the time that I came to mixing the album in 2021 I was approached to write a score for a Channel 4 documentary, ‘The Boy With The 8 Hour Heart’. It was during this time that I went back to a couple of the tracks on the album and wrote some parts for a string section, something I’ve always wanted to do in the past. For the tracks ‘Catalyst’ and ‘Our Future Died in Your Past’, I enlisted the help of two incredible musicians from the Bristol music scene, violinist, Yvonna Magda (Viridian Ensemble, Pigeon) and cellist, Liz Paxton (Dead Space Chamber Music, Viridian Ensemble) to contribute to the album. They’ve added more dynamic weight to the album and I’m incredibly grateful for their contribution.”

‘Crystalline’ will be released as a super limited pressing of just 200 copies pressed on white vinyl with blue and purpler splatter effects.

“John Scott is the master of creating music that treads the line between reality and alternate space. At times fragile, at others impossibly dense the mood he creates is elusive and impossible to pin down. We are drawn through light and shadow, affirmation and rejection; everything is in the balance. Stereocilia are unique in refusing to be defined and compartmentalised. This is the sound of nothing and everything.”


Here’s a taster of what to expect. This is a video for ‘Low’ taken from the new album. Just a heads-up that the video is strobe-heavy if that’s not your thing:


  1. Some Truths Stereocilia 4:40


Stereocilia is Bristol based guitarist and composer, John Scott. John uses his guitar, analog synths and live looping techniques to create dense, rich layers of sound.

Over the past 10 years John has performed all over the UK and Europe with various projects. In the past he has shared a stage with acts including: Ben Frost, Gnod, Daniel Lanois, Ex-Easter Island Head, White Hills, Acid Mothers Temple, Josef Van Wissem, Yuri Landman, Mick Turner (The Dirty Three), Noveller, and performed in three of Rhys Chatham’s guitar Orchestras. He has also presented work for live radio broadcasts, and regularly composes for Short Film. He has also performed in three of Rhys Chatham’s 100 piece guitar Orchestras.

John’s Debut album Mumurations came out on his Echoic Memory Label in November 2013, bookended by two E.P’s and a string of compilation appearances. 2016 saw the release of his second album, The Road to the Unconscious Past. In 2017 he released 2 E.P’s, one on Low Point, the other on Champion Version. 2017 saw the release of ‘Hive Mind’, his debut vinyl album on Brighton based label Drone Rock Records.

Stereocilia’s 4th album, ‘The Silence That Follows’, was released on Drone Rock Records back in the Spring of 2019 and his latest offering, ‘Crystalline’, is due out on DRR in April 2023.