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Svenska Psykvänner, the Swedish psychedelic ‘supergroup’ featuring members of Domboshawa, Fanatism, Eye Make the Horizon and Kungens Män, are back with their sophomore album, Böjda Toner. And, man, has it been worth the wait. In the time since their debut touched down back in the summer of 2019 (on Drone Rock Records of course), there have been two Dombsohawa albums and an album each by Eye Make The Horizon and Fanatism (again, all on Drone Rock Records!) as well as a considerable number of Kungens Män records (on a variety of fantastic labels). These guys are beyond prolific and their creative streak never shows signs of diminishing. Fans of any of the aforementioned artists will be delighted with this second collaborative effort. Böjda Toner contains five tracks of heavy instrumental Scandi-psych-improv goodness which rewards the listener with each and every play. The fact that there is a sixteen minute dub symphony on here (dedicated to the late, great Lee Scratch Perry) only makes the record even more of an essential listen.

Böjda Toner is released as a super limited pressing of just 250 copies, pressed on transparent dark green vinyl with heavy black spatter effects. Orders made through the DRR website come with an instant download link.

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Svenska Psykvänner

Svenska Psykvänner (Swedish Psych Friends) is a super group of sorts formed of various members of Swedish Psychedelic acts; Domboshawa, CB3, Fanatism , Eye Make The Horizon and Kungens Män. The band was created as a backing band for the Domboshawa set as part of the Drone Rock Records gig in Stockholm back in March 2019. During the practice sections for the gig, they realised they were onto something special and recorded several jams and interpretations of Domboshawa compositions. They were so pleased with the takes that a vinyl album was the obvious outcome and so ‘The Hägersten Sessions’ was created and was released on Drone Rock Records in Summer 2019.

Their second album, Böjda Toner, is to be released on DRR in the spring of 2022 with Peter Erikson (Kungens Män and Fanatism) replacing Charlotta Andersson (CB3).

Svenska Psykänner are:-

Anders Broström – Guitar

Mikael Tuominen – Bass

Peter Erikson – Guitar, synths, drum machine

Mattias ‘Indy’ Pettersson – Drums