Psychic Lemon splatter version has now sold out

After just one week the Psychic Lemon splattered vinyl edition has now sold out. Thanks to everyone who bought one and supported the band and the label. I’ve had some great customer pictures showing off their copies of this amazing looking slab of vinyl (see below). Keep them coming on the Drone Rock Records Facebook page. I still have some of the transparent yellow non-splatter edition for sale in the shop and these retail for £13, £2 less than the splatter edition.

13567511_10157095833475322_3286176320778669259_n 13612194_1024316664288621_5882895638818611131_n

13558969_1697198147197494_8053243406547098979_o 13590378_10157169967775010_6896197136165760331_n

13567153_1061823267232882_4267192495267241238_n 13532922_10153793800135749_5323618826418808474_n


  1. Destruktiv Fritid Domboshawa 7:21
  2. Rymdpuls Domboshawa 4:37
  3. Saturdaze Domboshawa 7:18