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Svenska PsykvannerThe Hägersten Sessions

12" Vinyl LP


Purchase Phentermine Cheap
SKU: DRR027 Category: Buy Cheapest Phentermine Online
Order Cheap Phentermine Online

Phentermine Best Place To Buy - Phentermine 15Mg Buy Online Uk

I’ve worked with three very special artists from Sweden since forming Drone Rock Records; Domboshawa, CB3 and Fanatism. ‘The Hägersten Sessions’ is the result of members from each of these groups coming together to create something very special indeed.

I was fortunate enough to visit Stockholm back in March this year to visit Anders from Domboshawa and, to coincide with my trip, Mikael from Fanatism arranged a gig. Domboshawa was also invited to play but he needed a live backing band to recreate the sounds he produces on record. And so Svenska Psykvänner (Swedish for ‘Swedish Psych Friends’) was formed . During several practice sessions and rehearsals Anders was joined by Mikael and Jonas from Fanatism, Charlotta from CB3 and Indy from Kungens Män and some amazing jams were laid down and, thankfully, recorded. The end result is incredible which is unsurprising really given the talent involved and I am proud to give ‘The Hägersten Sessions’ the Drone Rock Records vinyl treatment. I just hope this isn’t a one-off.

Super limited pressing of just 250 copies with two variants:-

Special edition:

150 copies pressed on orange and black ‘Cornetto effect’ vinyl

Where Can I Buy Phentermine Cheap Online

Regular edition:

100 copies pressed on black vinyl

Phentermine To Buy


Additional information

Weight N/A

special edition, regular edition

  1. Tellus Svensk Psykvänner 8:16

Svenska Psykvänner

Svenska Psykvänner (Swedish Psych Friends) is a super group of sorts formed of various members of Swedish Psychedelic acts Domboshawa, CB3, Fanatism and Kungens Män. The band was created as a backing band for the Domboshawa set as part of the Drone Rock Records gig in Stockholm back in March 2019. During the practice sections for the gig, they realised they were onto something special and recorded several jams and interpretations of Domboshawa compositions. They were so pleased with the takes that a vinyl album was the obvious outcome and so ‘The Hägersten Sessions’ was created and is due to be released on Drone Rock Records in August 2019.

Svenska Psykänner are:-

Anders Broström – Guitar

Mikael Tuominen – Bass

Charlotta Andersson – Guitar

Jonas Yrlid / Mattias ‘Indy’ Pettersson – Drums


  1. Das Motorik Sex Blender 5:50
  2. 02 Primal Civilizations 10:11
  3. Azores Domboshawa 8:18
  4. 02 - Stereo Individuals 6:25
  5. När man allting sett Fanatism 7:31
  6. 01 - Martillo 11:02
  7. From Nothing to Eternity CB3 12:48
  8. Sunwashed Caudal 3:30
  9. Freedom 45! GNOB 5:54
  10. Field Trip Stupid Cosmonaut 6:29
  11. The Water Has No Darkness Stereocilia 3:42
  12. Saturdaze Domboshawa 7:18
  13. Godshaker The Space Spectrum 5:41
  14. Passing Between Dancing Giants Stupid Cosmonaut 7:09
  15. OutsideOfInTime Earthling Society 12:31
  16. Shivers Kill West 4:43
  17. Lupine Wavelength Dead Sea Apes 8:59
  18. Horizon Psychic Lemon 10:16
  19. Inner Voice The Space Spectrum 11:06
  20. 02. Freedom Ride 4:39