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CB3From Nothing To Eternity

12" Vinyl LP


Purchase Phentermine Cheap
SKU: DRR016 Category: Buy Cheapest Phentermine Online
Order Cheap Phentermine Online

Cheap Phentermine Pills Online, Buy Phentermine 30Mg Blue And Clear

Originally released as a super limited cassette  at the beginning of the year (on Lazy Octopus in Scandinavia and by Eggs In Aspic here in the UK), CB3’s debut album finally gets the vinyl treatment. And, for the special edition, what a treatment it has been given…. tri-coloured heavyweight vinyl no less! As usual with Drone Rock Records releases you, the mailing-list subscribers, will get first shout on these gorgeous special editions. There are also copies available on transparent sky-blue standard weight vinyl for those of you looking looking for a simpler look (and its a few pound cheaper too!). I am also pleased to report that Mr John McBain has provided his expert vinyl-mastering skills once again. Anyway, whichever version takes your fancy, as always, its the music that counts and the music on this LP does not fail to deliver as those in the know have confirmed:-

“…an album that needs to be heard and, indeed, any traveler along the psychedelic highway NEEDS this in their life. As previously alluded to, how this band are not lauded is beyond me but hopefully this release will change that and CB3 become permanent fixtures on psych’s top table.”
Where Can I Buy Phentermine Cheap Online

“…in the grand tradition of Swedish psych, they echo the the past smoke curls of prog while stoking the fire for a new generation of psych stormers.”
Phentermine To Buy

“Unlike much instrumental psych, this carries with it a rare aspect of being eminently listenable over repeated drops. That is part of what makes this album such wonderful listen, it loses none of that trippiness as time goes on. Indeed, if anything it gains in stature.”
Buy Phentermine Memphis Tn

“Sat somewhere between the mighty Mugstar and the adored Heads, this is colossal, heavy and dense, a brooding behemoth flavoured in a primordial tapestry ghosted upon a snaking Eastern sent mistral, its desert dry atmospherics poised, majestic and sky fired upon a deeply alluring cinematic skin weaving out at deeply intoxicating brew of stoned out mind altering stratospheric mantras.”
Can You Buy Phentermine At Cvs


“From Nothing To Eternity” will be released as a run of 300 vinyl LPs (with 60 going to the band) available in 2 variants:-

Special edition

200 copies on tri-coloured heavyweight vinyl (black, cream and transparent sky-blue). These will be offered to regular customers and mailing-list subscribers first and any remaining copies will be made available through the Drone Rock Records website.

Regular edition

100 copies on transparent sky-blue vinyl which can either be purchased directly through the Drone Rock Records website or selected stores.

All customers who purchase either version of the album through the website will also have access to the digital version of the album in either MP3 or FLAC format.


Additional information

Weight N/A

special edition, regular edition

  1. Meditation CB3 2:04
  2. From Nothing to Eternity CB3 12:48
  3. Rogue CB3 5:12
  4. Elixir of Life CB3 3:01
  5. Beware the Wolf CB3 10:34
  6. Awakening CB3 10:00
  7. Meditation II CB3 3:10


CB3 (also known as Charlotta’s Burnin Trio) are an instrumental rock trio from Malmö, Sweden. With cosmic jams, heavy doomy riffing and epic soundscapes they have attracted the audience from both jazzclubs, rock venues and psych festivals since 2013. Bands like Earthless, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Jimi Hendrix Experience are influences to CB3. Their debut album, “From Nothing to Eternity”, was released on cassette in January 2018 by Lazy Octopus Records (Scandinavia) and on Eggs in Aspic Records (UK). CB3 have signed to Drone Rock Records (UK) for a vinyl release of the album in Spring 2018.

Charlotta Andersson – Electric Guitar
Pelle Lindsjö – Electric Bass
Nathanael Salomonsson – Drums

  1. Multiple Greens DDT 3:02