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Various ArtistsMagnetic North – Various Artists

12" vinyl LP


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Bringing together four great modern psych bands from the North of England, “Magnetic North” is the first compilation album on Drone Rock Records. Featuring tracks by Where Can I Buy Phentermine Cheap Online from Manchester, Phentermine To Buyfrom Chester, Buy Phentermine Memphis Tn from Newcastle and Fleetwood’s finest, Can You Buy Phentermine At Cvs, Magnetic North aims to give you a taster of these bands’ phenomenal sounds. This pressing is going to be a total of 300 copies with 100 of these going to the bands involved. Like the last three previous releases on Drone Rock Records, Magnetic North will come in two editions and I will have 100 copies of each for sale. The records are expected to be back with me front the pressing plant at the end of September :-


Blue & red splatter on transparent orange vinyl

100 copies on transparent orange vinyl with red and blue splatters to match the colour scheme of the striking front cover artwork (created by Neil Whitehead from Vert:X). These will be initially offered in a pre-order to previous customer and mailing list subscribers.


Transparent orange vinyl

100 copies on transparent orange vinyl.



Vert: X – Drill

Vinny C: guitar
Neil Whitehead: bass, guitar
Barry Mart: synthesiser
The Other One: synthesiser, oscillators


Dead Sea Apes – Lupine Wavelength

Brett Savage – guitar
Nick Harris – bass
Chris Hardman – drums


Blown Out – Transportation Ventures

Mike Vest: guitar
John-Michael Hedley: bass
Matt Baty: drums

‘Transportation Ventures’

Recorded by Mark Wood @ The Soundrooms, Goatshead
Mixed by Mike Vest


Earthling Society – Mountain King Blues

Fred Laird – vocals, coral sitar, guitars, Mellotron, Gakken synth
Kim Allen – bass
Jon Blacow – drums, Turkish percussion & Timpani

Track written by Fred Laird

Arranged by Laird/Blacow
Recorded at Foel Studios Wales in April 2016
Engineer Tom Wild
Mixed and additional recording by Fred Laird at Shugden recording Fleetwood


All 4 tracks were mastered for vinyl by Chris Hardman

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

special, regular

  1. Drill Vert:X 8:02
  2. Lupine Wavelength Dead Sea Apes 8:59
  3. Transportation Ventures Blown Out 7:39
  4. Mountain King Blues Earthling Society 9:08


Founded in 2006, Vert:X play a potent mix of space and kraut rock, or German Kosmische music if you prefer, played mostly fast paced and loud.

‘a very enjoyable area of floaty free space’

Terrascope reviews, 2014

‘behind the vert:x sound there’s further magic than just a solid space and krautrock background. Something original, something alive is being woven.’

aLive reports, 2015

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Dead Sea Apes

Dead Sea Apes are a Manchester based trio consisting of Chris Hardman, Nick Harris and Brett Savage. Since 2009 they have released 4 albums on Cardinal Fuzz and collaborated on Sun Behind The Sun with Black Tempest. They are currently working on a couple of imminent releases.

‘This trio have become masterful at creating huge vistas of sounds. A perfect concoction of sun-scorched psychedelia, raga infused improvisation and classic kraut-rock circularity, Dead Sea Apes recall Grails and Barn Owl at their best.’

Sounds From The Other City

‘…stunning, visceral and downright thrilling… you’re going to have to trust me on this one – Dead Sea Apes are really something very, very special indeed.’

Terrascope Online

‘What is it that gives the meditations of these Dead Sea Apes such an undeniable emotional resonance?’

Revolt Of The Apes

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Buying Phentermine 37.5

Blown Out

Power Trio from Newcastle, heavy rolling basslines, waster infused guitar freakouts held together with steady freeform rhythms.

Made up from members of BONG, Drunk In Hell, Haikai No Ku, 11Paranoias, Khunnt and pigs pigs pigs.

Transportation Ventures is a B side that never happened, a lost track, a forgotten time..
Heavy, melodic and destroying, craved from a long lost recording session.
Transportation Ventures passes through the dark musical cosmos and pushs the whole universe in your brain in under 10 minutes.
Groove to the end. Play Loud and HIGH.

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Earthling Society

Earthling Society are a UK psychedelic / Krautrock band formed in the North West Of England in 2005. They have released 6 acclaimed albums in as many years and have been championed by the likes of Julian Cope & Stuart Maconie as well as playing alongside such great acts as Damo Suzuki, The Groundhogs, Hawkwind, Leafhound, Litmus and White Hills.

Over the years Earthling Society have worked with some great independent labels such as Nasoni of Berlin, 4Zero and the huge fish cult that is Fruits de mer records.

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  1. Multiple Greens DDT 3:02