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GnobElectric Dream Demon

12" Vinyl LP


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For the 14th release on Drone Rock Records we welcome East London based trio, Gnob, to the ever-expanding Drone Rock family. I saw these guys support Kill West in Brighton last year and I was so blown away that I spoke to them immediately after the show about the possibility of releasing a record with them. And now, 8 months after that super impressive gig I am pleased to reveal their debut album, “Electric Dream Demon”. 9 ear-shredding tracks encompassing elements of eastern-influenced psych,  stoner-rock and super heavy riffs this album really captures the power of the bands live performances. The album has been given the mastering treatment by John McBain who, I am sure, most of you will be familiar with from his work in Monster Magnet and with Carlton Melton and Kandodo.

“‘Electric Dream Demon’ is an album of monumental stature….rich with exotic flavours and exhilarating power but all done with subtlety and craft.”

Dayz Of Purple & Orange

“‘Electric Demon Dream’ is like dropping a sonic psychedelic as the music gradually slips out of its cultural moorings and into areas that feel less familiar and more fluid.”

Psych Insight


Like most Drone Rock releases, “Electric Dream Demon” will be a super limited run of 300 copies (with 60 of these going directly to the band) split into two variants:-

Special Edition

150 copies pressed on green and purple side a/side b split-coloured vinyl. As always, these will be offered to mailing-list subscribers and previous customers first.

Phentermine 37.5 Cheapest Online

Regular Edition

150 copies pressed on purple vinyl


Additional information

Weight N/A

special edition, regular edition

  1. Electric Dream Demon GNOB 3:39
  2. Dancing Plant GNOB 4:51
  3. Flowers And Rainbows GNOB 7:40
  4. Freedom 45! GNOB 5:54
  5. The Offering GNOB 4:44
  6. Jungle Trance GNOB 4:26
  7. The Midnight Sun GNOB 4:21
  8. Genie In The Raagini GNOB 3:40
  9. Snake Charmer GNOB 5:18


GNOB are a 3 piece power trio who came to light in late 2014. Based in and around East London, they soon realized their mix of Eastern/Arabic/Psych and Stoner Fuzz made their live shows colourful amongst the harsh grey landscapes which surrounded them. From warehouse to warehouse and from member to member (Sonic Mass, Puffer, LSW), GNOB became what it is today. Live shows are proving to be their acid test where warm fuzz, swirling phasers and time-shifting delay have seen them gig extensively around UK. 3 Ep’s later, GNOB are finally releasing their debut album, ‘Electric Dream Demon’. Inspired from travels through Indonesia, crossing paths with cannibalistic and black magick tribes and all that’s fantastic and wonderful, GNOB hopes your own electric dream demon will be kind to you. Their debut vinyl album will be released early March 2018 through Drone Rock Records.

Gnob are:-

Nicholas Serpico: Guitar and Vocals.
Morten Sharp-Head: Drums and Percussion.
Ben Kenobi-Marflar: Bass Guitar.


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Phentermine To Buy

  1. Multiple Greens DDT 3:02