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Stupid CosmonautDigitalis

12" Vinyl LP


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‘Digitalis’ is Stupid Cosmonaut’s second vinyl release on Drone Rock Records, recorded and mixed over the summer of 2017. Founding members Sam Read and Steve McNamara took the sounds of earlier electronic cassette releases and expanded upon them to create a dystopian future world dependant on synthetic technology operating between the realms of pleasure and a deep unsatisfying anxiety.

“Stupid Cosmonaut have produced an album of zoned out electronica that, on the face of it, sounds quite ambient. Scratch below the surface though and you open yourself up to something of a sonic solar system where due respect is played to the history of the genre without ever being beholden to it.”

Psych Insight

“An alluringly amorphous slice of kosmische perfection…perhaps the finest and most intimately serene thing we’ve heard all year”

The Sunday Experience

“Digitalis unfolds over six dense, otherworldly tracks, dotted with deep pulses, lush atmospheres and expansive filter sweeps. The overall tone is sinister, threats lurking on the periphery of chilled, washed-out electronic ambience.”

The Monolith


Digitalis will be a total run of 300 records (60 of these going directly to the band) split into two variants. Both versions come with a digital download version of the album (MP3 or FLAC) when purchased directly through the Drone Rock Records shop.:-

Special edition 

150 copies of purple & aquamarine colour-in-colour effect on heavyweight vinyl. As always, these special editions will be made available to previous Drone Rock Records customers and mailing-list subscribers first.

Regular edition

150 copies on aquamarine vinyl.


Recorded by Stupid Cosmonaut at their own studio in Bury, Lancashire between May’17and Aug’17.

Mixed by Steven McNamara.

Mastered (digital and vinyl) by TomWoodhead (Hippocratic Studios)

Artwork by Steven McNamara.


Additional information

Weight N/A

special edition, regular edition

  1. Field Trip Stupid Cosmonaut 6:29
  2. Rephlex Stupid Cosmonaut 13:00
  3. Offline Stupid Cosmonaut 3:59
  4. Post Human Stupid Cosmonaut 4:18
  5. Digitalis Stupid Cosmonaut 3:52
  6. Sadness and Euphoria Stupid Cosmonaut 7:09

Stupid Cosmonaut


Formed in 2016 in the north west of England, Stupid Cosmonaut draw inspiration from science fiction and the cosmos to create beautifully haunting visions of a not too distant dystopian future. A vast reach of influences can be found from caustic, electronic hallucinations as chilled as Tangerine Dream and Klaus Shultz to more organic post rock offerings in the vein of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky.

Since formation, Stupid Cosmonaut have played sold out shows at The Deaf Institute, Manchester, The Met Bury and Sebright Arms London. They were honoured to play a packed gig on The Beauty Witch stage at Sounds from The Other City in Salford. The have also shared the stage with bands such as Henge, Dystopian Future Movies, Minami Deutsch, Lost Under Heaven, Naxatras and Barberos.

‘Algol’ their first vinyl release on Drone Rock Records sold out to high critical acclaim amongst online blogs and websites with reviews also from print publications The Wire Magazine, and Terrorizer who said ‘Algol is a rich evocative and crushing trip into the uncharted depths of the solar system’. They are now ready to return with their second vinyl LP, “Digitalis”.

Steve McNamara – Synths, bass

Sam Read – Synths, guitar

Andy Hunt – Drums

Mark Hawnt – Synths

Bandcamp: Phentermine 37.5 Cheapest Online

YouTube: Where Can I Buy Phentermine Cheap Online

Facebook: Phentermine To Buy

  1. White Light Psychic Lemon 6:41
  2. Death Cult Blues Psychic Lemon 8:58