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12" Vinyl LP


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After working with bands from Argentina, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Peru and, of course, the U.K., we head to Italy next for the 19th release on Drone Rock Records.

Movion blend driving post-rock with psychedelic sounds of minimal techno and synthwave. ‘Blank” (the band’s second album and first on vinyl), is a real statement of intent from the band. By combining the influences of the music they enjoy listening to with their own personal idea of the sound they wanted to produce the band have moved on from the more traditional post-rock attitude that characterized their first album.

“Tight arrangements and busy inventiveness interact with a lightness of touch, without having to resort to the volume switch. Unlike some post-rockers who have grown rather plodding and predictable with age Movion appear to be better served by being a compact and hungry unit”


“…allow it to gestate in your brain and you are rewarded with something that seems to coalesce into a series of beautiful vignettes. Fragile and sparkling, this album keeps you guessing from start to finish such is its diversity and divergence.”

Psych Insight

Limited pressing of 300 records (60 going to the band) in two variantions:-

Special Edition:

200 copies pressed on transparent blue heavyweight vinyl with red and white splatter effects.

Phentermine 37.5 Cheapest Online

Regular Edition:

100 copies pressed on transparent red vinyl.

Additional information

Weight N/A

special edition, regular edition

  1. 01 - Ylem 2:19
  2. 02 - Stereo Individuals 6:25
  3. 03 - Any App For Soul Catharsis 6:52
  4. 04 - Goodbye Vertebra 7:09
  5. 05 - Window Water Eyes Moving 6:10
  6. 06 - Hunt And Peck 5:56
  7. 07 - Wysiwyg 1:39
  8. 08 - A Whale Is Going To Mountains 5:24


Movion are an instrumental trio formed in Turin (Italy) in 2012. The first studio album “Movion” (Calista Records, EDISONBOX, Vollmer Indistries, TADCA Records, Canalese Noise Records, Book House Records) was released in 2015, and has been listed by the Italian webzine Impatto Sonoro in the top 10 of best Italian releases. Since the album was met with positive reaction from the public and from critics, Movion had the chance to tour in Turin and in Piedmont at several festivals and events.

Alessandro Angeleri: Drums, Percussions, Drum machine
Antonio Vomera: Bass, Synth, Guitar, Loops
Nicolò Tamagnone: Guitar, Loops

  1. White Light Psychic Lemon 6:41
  2. Death Cult Blues Psychic Lemon 8:58