Third studio album by Cambridge psych/space-rockers

    First pressing of 500 copies

    300 ‘special edition’ on green and black swirl heavyweight vinyl

    200 ‘regular edition’ on pale green vinyl

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  • Psychic Lemon

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They have released albums on Drone Rock Records (UK) and Tonzonen Records (DE). Live, they have played all over the UK and in Europe, sharing a stage with like-minded bands such as Mugstar, Carlton Melton, Flowers Must Die and 10,000 Russos.

Psychic Lemon are:-

Andy Briston: Guitar, synths

Andy Hibberd: Bass

Martin Law: Drums


Website: ​www.psychiclemon.co.uk

Facebook: ​www.facebook.com/psychiclemon

Bandcamp: ​https://psychiclemon.bandcamp.com

Twitter: ​https://twitter.com/psychic_lemon

Instagram: ​https://www.instagram.com/psychic_lemon


  1. White Light Psychic Lemon 6:41
  2. Death Cult Blues Psychic Lemon 8:58